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Arne Dormaels
Robin Hofmann
Thomas Feltes
Maria Amélia Ferreira de Carvalho
Stefan Schwarz
André Konze
Uwe Ewald
Howard J. DeNike
Reynaud Theunens
Marleen Easton
Eva Dinchel
Mehari Fisseha

Our Blended-Learning system enables students from around the world to interact within the course. Our goal is to provide a virtual environment in which students develop their skills by learning from each other and exchanging experiences and expertise they bring to the table from their respective fields of profession. Emphasis is laid upon avoiding prescription, but encouraging analysis so that students can retain their autonomy and select the proper course of action after mature reflection on firm foundations of reason and evidence. The purpose of the program is to challenge students by presenting diverse and often divergent analytical perspectives, and encourage awareness for this diversity.

For information on Blended-Learning and the study approach used, please click here.

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