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Arne Dormaels
Stefan Schwarz
Howard J. DeNike
André Konze
Maria Amélia Ferreira de Carvalho
Marleen Easton
Mehari Fisseha
Thomas Feltes
Robin Hofmann
Reynaud Theunens
Uwe Ewald
Eva Dinchel

The international Master’s program in “Criminal Justice, Governance and Police Science”  is a two-year distance-learning course:

The study curriculum offers eight unique modules, which allow you to experience recent groundbreaking developments in criminal justice, governance and police science with particular focus on international security and justice perspectives. After the completion of all modules, students will be able to proceed with their Master's thesis in term 4.

Module 1: Global Law Enforce­ment and Criminal Justice
Module 2: Human Rights for Police and Justice Officials
Module 3: International Peacekeeping
Module 4: Critical Assessments of Applied Empirical Research Methods
Module 5: Security and Governance in the European Union
Module 6: Governance of Security
Module 7: State and International  Core Crimes and the Emerging Global System of International Criminal Justice
Module 8: Key Qualifications for Future Leaders

The purpose of the selection of modules is to encourage reflection by students. Rather than prescribing what should be done, the emphasis will be upon encouraging students to reflect upon what has been done, why it was done and upon evaluating its effectiveness. This is a vitally important function, since practical professional knowledge will only emerge from practitioners’ critical reflection on their practice and a willingness to share those reflections. The foundations for this consciousness lie in a professional education that stimulates self-criticism.

Students will learn how to apply human rights and international rule of law standards within the wider framework of international security and justice, and how to use concepts and methods from different academic and scientific fields in transitional and post-conflict situations. Thanks to the existing academic network and close ties with practitioners and institutions related to (international) security, law enforcement and justice, students will have the opportunity to learn from outstanding experts on an international level.

After successful completion of the program the degree “Master of Criminal Justice, Governance and Police Science” will be obtained.


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