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André Konze
Howard J. DeNike
Marleen Easton
Thomas Feltes
Robin Hofmann
Eva Dinchel
Arne Dormaels
Mehari Fisseha
Reynaud Theunens
Uwe Ewald
Maria Amélia Ferreira de Carvalho
Stefan Schwarz

This international advanced extra-occupational program is in particular open to applicants with:

  • a successful completion of a university/college degree (BA, BSc and MA, MSc or equivalent) degree in the program relevant subject areas (240 CPs*);
  • at least one year of relevant practical experience after graduation;
  • an excellent knowledge of the English language (further info here).

Students gain 60 credit points during the course, and must have obtained already 240 credit points prior to the program. Applications from outside the European Union will be evaluated and assessed accordingly. Any lacking CPs can be gained through additional attainments. This may also be through recognition of attainments achieved at other universities, special training programs or a certain amount of work experience in years.

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