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Stefan Schwarz is currently deployed as Police Training Officer with the United Nations, Department of Peacekeeping Operations. His previous international experience includes deployments to the United Nations in Kosovo [UNMIK] as Regional Commander Monitor in 2007 and South Sudan [UNMISS] as Head of the Training Analysis and Curriculum Development Unit in 2012. As well, he worked as a short term expert for the OSCE in Kosovo and as an expert for Evaluation and Accreditation of Study Programs in the field of Higher Police Education.

Since the 1990s Stefan Schwarz has been involved in police education and training.  Among others he taught Criminology, Legislation (Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Code, Police Act), Management and Operational Doctrine. Recently he also held the position as Head of the Training Unit for Foreign Assignments of the State Police of North-Rhine Westphalia.

Stefan Schwarz obtained a Diploma in Public Administration from Cologne University of Public Administration, Germany in 1994. In 2002, he passed the study program “Public Administration - Police Management” at the formerly National Police Staff College in Muenster (equivalent to Master’s degree) and in 2013 he obtained a Master’s degree in Criminal Justice, Police Science & Governance.

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