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André Konze is currently the Head of the Police Scientific Training, Development and Research at the German Police University in Münster, Germany.

He has been the Program Manager of the Police Unit within the Legal and Human Rights Capacity Building Division within the Council of Europe. Before that he held the position of Head of the police precinct at the Police Presidency Hagen. Furthermore he worked part-time for the Council of Europe (CoE) teaching Human Rights and Ethics and also was involved in CEPOL (Collège Européen de Police) seminars. He possesses a great experience in exploring foreign organisations. As a distance learning student with Portsmouth University he acquainted himself how to interpret international legislation such as the European Convention on Human Rights and international terrorism counter-measures and dealt with the US legislation after the attacks of 9/11 in his dissertation.

He is certified as a trainer for the so called North-Rhine Westphalian Program of "Integrierte Fortbildung", where he lead courses to instruct trainers. He further has experience in leading coursed for a commission to exam police students (Landesprüfungsamt NRW) and worked part time as an instructor at the police college (Fachhochschule für öffentliche Verwaltung NRW) for 13 years. He is also a certified Auditor since 1997. During his entire and former profession he headed several projects, such as restructuring the organization of the Police Presidency Hamm on the principles of an audit.

Module 2 - Human Rights for Police and Justice Officials

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