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ewald uwe

Dr. Uwe Ewald is the founding Executive Director of the International Justice Analysis Forum (www.ijaf.eu), an Internet portal which appeals to unite crime and legal analysts as well as empirical researchers in social and legal sciences in the field of serious crimes of international concern, first and foremost so-called atrocity or international core crimes, but also with regard to the wider Area of Freedom, Security and Justice in the European Union. Related to the latter he is currently engaged as an academic-parliamentarian advisor at the Saxon State Parliament.

Since 2002 he teaches Supranational Criminology as a lecturer at the Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Department of Criminology and Police Science. He is affiliated with the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Criminal Law in Freiburg, i.Br., Germany.

From 2002 till 2009 he worked as a strategic crime analyst for the Office of the Prosecutor at the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia, mainly conducting strategic analysis. Due to his legal background (Dr. iur) he has been working before as a defence counsel in particular in state crime cases in Germany. He began his academic career at the Humboldt University Berlin, conducted research and held teaching positions at different universities, in particular at Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, and the Free University Berlin.

Module 4 - Applied Empirical Research Methods
Module 7 - International Core Crimes and the Emerging Global System of International Criminal Justice

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