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Prof. Dr. Marleen Easton is a social worker and holds a doctoral degree in Sociology (2000, Free University Brussels). She is professor at the University College Ghent – Department Business and Public Administration where she is director of the Governing and Policing Security research unit which stands at the crossroads of public administration/governance and criminology. She is also co-director of the research group ‘Governance of Security’ of the Association University Ghent and chair of the working group ‘Blurring military-police roles’ of the European Research Group on Military & Society (Ergomas). Her PhD contained a socio-historical analysis of the (de)militarisation process of the Belgian Gendarmerie (1940-1998).

In cooperation with her research team she runs research projects and publishes in relation to governance of security which covers topics such as community oriented policing, discretionary power, nodal governance, police culture, diversity, corruption, integrity, blurring boundaries between law enforcement agencies, social disorder and conflicts with the police. Her teaching experience covers Sociological & (Change)Management issues, Governance of Security & Security Policies. Easton is a member of the editorial board of different national journals and editor-in-chief of a Belgian journal ‘Orde van de Dag’ which addresses current criminological & security related issues. She is a board member of the European Police Research Institutes Collaboration (EPIC), a member of the board of directors of the Flemish Centre for Police Studies (www.politiestudies.be) and member of different Belgian policy oriented commissions. FFor more details, see: www.gaps-ugent.be.

Module 6 - Governance of Security

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